Created by Chris Crosby and Bobby Crosby

Mega Penguin is a two-foot-tall, vigilante penguin with a mask and a superiority complex.  Bob is his overweight, dim-witted 20-year old human sidekick that Mega Penguin legally adopted as a child to help him fight crime.  Together they live in a modest home in Los Angeles, California, just trying to get along. The cartoon shorts focus mainly on their home life and other wacky adventures, as opposed to the cliche crime-fighting humor seen in other superhero satires.


"Watching Golf on TV" (Pilot Episode)
Mega Penguin catches Bob in a chatroom on the internet without his permission (he's terrified that Bob could be stolen and raped via the internet), so he forces him to watch golf on TV as punishment.  Though this inadvertently leads to a U.N. Building bombing and the death of thousands, Bob is happy to watch the Special Report news coverage of it on TV instead of golf.
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"HIV-Positive Cat"
MP and Bob take in an anything-but-lovable stray cat who is revealed to be HIV-positive (allegedly from a blood transfusion).  The cat is naturally bitter due to his plight, and when MP is unkind to him, he becomes determined to give our favorite crime-fighting penguin the HIV virus! How? By drinking out of the same glass, playing video games with the same joystick, and using the same toilet.  In the end, the cat lives to be over 100 years old, and dances on Mega Penguin's grave in the far-flung future.

"Artificial Trout"
There's a trout shortage in Los Angeles! MP becomes so desperate for the tasty fish, his favorite food in the whole world, that he begins making his own "trout" using a variety of household items.  The fake trout tastes surprisingly delicious, but there's one problem... it causes Mega Penguin to vomit up blood (and later water) every three minutes.  Will he stop eating his artificial trout?  The answer is no.

"Ladies Love Mega Penguin"
MP is interviewed on a TV talk show and is charming and adorable, which makes every human woman in Los Angeles want to have sex with him. Because he's a penguin without genitals, he's not interested, and this makes everyone assume he's gay.  His vigilante popularity rating drops dramatically with males, so he's forced to beat the crap out of a flamingly homosexual man on live TV to regain his popularity.  Will MP realize how wrong that is, and decide not to do it at the last minute?  The answer is no.

"Nobody Ever Died in All of History!"
MP and Bob's neurotic semi-villian, The Time Bandit, sends them billions of years in the future, where they find everyone but Santa Claus dead and buried, and an immortality potion widely available.  Deciding they should end all death in the history of the world, MP and Bob go back in time and give the potion to everyone who ever lived in all of history (with the help of the lonely Santa Claus).  When they return to the present, they discover that the human race has become soulless cannibals, and Bob is nearly eaten by Mother Teresa and Benjamin Franklin.  To stop this from happening, they send cannibal Mother Teresa through a time portal to stop themselves from giving out the potion.  They know it worked when everything turns back to normal around them, and a giant throbbing Mother Teresa-sized bite appears on Bob's leg.

MEGA PENGUIN is TM and (C) 2000 Chris Crosby and Bobby Crosby. All rights reserved.